Early Stage Business

No two owner-managed businesses are the same. Each one will have different goals, needs and strategies, be it growth, owner wealth maximisation or profitability.

As a business grows and matures, the services that are required will change, and the focus of the owner may change from business growth, to consolidation, to retirement and making provision for the family. Banks Sheridan will be with you every step of the way.

You can be sure, with the personal service that Banks Sheridan offers, that you, as an owner, will get the advice most relevant to you quickly. We pride ourselves on ensuring each client has a contact partner, and a highly experienced manager who are the points of reference for all queries and services.

We have a team to support you with your cloud or desktop system and can even help with your management accounts. Whether you choose to run your own affairs; or would prefer a periodic review and / or help prepare the VAT return to ensure continued compliance, the choice is yours.

We also run an in-house bookkeeping operation for many clients, processing all transactions. This gives the clients confidence in their management information and gives them more time to concentrate on business strategy, rather than worry about accounts and VAT compliance.

We welcome early stage businesses to Banks Sheridan, who have already set up their business either themselves, or with poor or incomplete professional advice. We work with such clients to mitigate any damage caused by inherited problems and poor planning.

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The services most commonly used by early stage businesses are:

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