I’m an individual

People tend not to fit into boxes. Everyone’s wealth management and tax compliance needs will have their own nuances. So it’s important that you work with an accountant that will provide the expert guidance that you need.

The elements of a secure financial future

  • Creating wealth through your business
  • Employment income
  • Letting of land and property
  • Pension Planning
  • Investments and tax efficient Savings

However you create your wealth, securing the future for you and your family is what is important and your accountant could have a crucial role to ensure that this is undertaken in a tax efficient but compliant manner.

Maximise your wealth for future generations

Individuals want to do many things. For example, you could be seeking personal finance advice to:

  • Protect liabilities
  • Grow an investment portfolio
  • Have a secure retirement
  • Pass assets to the next generation
  • Cover the costs of long term care
  • Pay for education
  • Grow assets
  • Reduce your tax bil

Banks Sheridan have links to a number of Financial Advisors who we work closely with to provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach towards our client’s financial planning. So you can rest happy with the knowledge you have structured your tax and financial affairs in a sensible way.

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