Your accountant should form a vital part of your business and whether you are a start-up or running an established organisation, your accountant should have your best interests at heart. When summing up your current accountant, please ask yourself some basic questions:

  • did you understand everything they explained to you
  • did you find them approachable
  • did they respond to communications quickly/efficiently
  • did they understand your business and what your goals are
  • do you get the feeling they are making every decision based on what is best for you and your business
  • was the invoice what you expected/were told to expect

If you answered yes to most of them then you probably have an accountant you should hold on to. However, should you not be fully satisfied, please do not put off taking action; simply contact us by clicking here. Our initial meeting will be non-committal and free of charge. You will find it to be a very straight forward process when changing your accountant for one which is a better fit for you and your business.